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Liz Nesic
Liz started working for Proforma in December of 1989. She has been instrumental in the growth of Franchise Development, Training, eCommerce and Business Development.

Liz helped coordinate and manage a national forms management program for Cole National based in Cleveland, Ohio. Liz later joined the Franchise Development department, helping to recruit talented distributors to join Proforma. Her overall knowledge of the internal systems helped Liz to then focus on Proforma's eCommerce initiative, educating Franchise Owners how to sell company stores to their clients. She also worked with the training department and in the transition of new Owners into Proforma. Liz has now been a Success Coach for the last three years.

Teri Bruns
Teri joined Proforma last year as a Success Coach in the Business Development department. She coaches Owners in business planning, sales strategies and sales techniques to help them maximize their business development efforts. As a Sucess Coach, Teri is also actively involved in Success University, Proforma's new Owner training sessions.

Teri's sales and marketing career started with IBM software sales to major accounts in NE Ohio. Subsequently, she became manager of sales training and then manager of advertising/promotion for a major financial institution. Mid-career, she owned and operated a marketing consulting firm for more than 10 years, specializing in business planning and sales training.

Activate 2008 Sales Boot Camp Webinars
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Sales Boot Camp Webinar

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Firing Up Your Marketing Arsenal:
Super-charge Your Prospecting Plans

Liz Nesic, 3/12/08: 12:00pm & 3/13/08: 9:00am

Prospecting can be quite a combat. Learn the strategies of how to leverage your marketing arsenal to super-charge your prospecting plan. A moving target is hard to hit so pull out all the stops and change up your prospecting approach. Use all possible battle strategies that will help you to stand out from the competition and win the prospecting battle.

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Packing Your Sales Survival Kit:
Be Ready to Maximize the Most Unexpected Advances

Teri Bruns, 3/19/08 12:00pm & 3/20/08 9:00am

You've got the appointment. Now, go for it! Google the contact's name. Check out the website. Prepare. Have a 30 second commercial that's kickin'. Ask the tough questions; get the winning opportunities. Guide the process. Set the 2nd meeting mid-way through the first. Exceed expectations. No retreat. Sure-fire tactics to get you where you need to go. Start with the end in mind. Yes, you can set your sites higher and win every time.

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Becoming a Trusted Diplomat:
Earn the Right to Consult with Your Clients

Teri Bruns, 3/26/08 12:00pm & 3/27/08 9:00am

How to win, again and again and again. Consult. Help clients formulate winning strategies. When your client wins, you win. This is the art of earning trust, not filling orders. This is the science of consultative sales. Know the client's business enough to know the client's problems and opportunities. Mentally work within your client's business not just for it. Use the power of Proforma to add value. Use your own power to earn respect and trust. Every time.

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Building Allied Forces:
Why Solo When You Can Surround Yourself with Reinforcements?

Teri Bruns, 4/16/08 12:00pm & 4/17/08 9:00am

Engage special forces. Build an intelligence network with others. Build one within yourself. Find seminars. Participate in webinars. Attend networking functions. Be fully-load for success via formal and informal contacts throughout your marketplace. Get involved where you work and where you live. Build your resources. Get tips on making contacts not acquaintances. Just a sample ~ write down the name of ever single person you meet every day, keep names in one document, and send "glad to meet you" cards with 3 business cards to each new contact the next day.

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Expanding Field Operations:
Introducing New Products to Existing Clients

Liz Nesic, 4/23/08 12:00pm & 4/24/08 9:00am

Once you penetrate the enemy lines and gain a client, entrench yourself by expanding to new product offerings. Relationships can help to propel you deeper into a company. Ask for the referral into other departments and see your business grow. Get tips on ways to appreciate and motivate your clients to give you those referrals and make the initial call on your behalf.

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